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Your establishment sends quotation? You organize events, seminars? Simplify your processes and save time with our MICE and Group reservation and management software!

Discover all Quotelo in less than 3 min!
MICE & group quotation have been generated with Quotelo by our customersand you?
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Delegate and simplify the writing

of your event and group quotation: with Quotelo even your receptionists can validate quotation...

...With only 10 minutes of training!


Offer a new digital experience to your customers and streamline exchanges for all MICE and group requests...

...And refocus your sales force on consulting and sales!


Automate the drafting of all your group estimates and focus on your business!

Quotelo eliminates all your data entry, avoids calculation / VAT errors and improves your image...

... Send quotations with the smallest details !


Eliminate the workload of preparing a quote!

Validate and send them with reactivity to increase your turnover by 20% on average...

...And manage your room schedules with ease!

Save time at every stage with Quotelo

  • Divide by 9 your workload on the creation of quotation for group, seminar and event
  • Reduce to only 2 minute the mailing of your quotation
  • Increase by 44% your online/virtual customer satisfaction
>>> increase your turnover by 20% on average.
Whether you are a director, a MICE Commercial or a young receptionist you will find our MICE and group software easy to use and intuitive
What if your customers could discover a new digital experience and were guided for each event booking? Quotelo digitalize your quotation demand with a booking chatbot directly implemented in your website
All of your quotations are created without any typing. Our MICE and group software answer you customer demand, create your quotation and do the signature and payment follow up

Centralizethe MICE’s and group’s management and booking

MICE and group demand

Quotelo add to your website a chatbot to assist your customer in the expression of their demand

Automatization of the quotation

Quotelo transform every demand in quotation…

Management of your MICE and group activity

Your back-office facilitates your management (notifications, reminders, etc.) with a 360° view of your MICE business and group

Planning of the seminar rooms

You will manage your seminar, rooms rental and digitalize booking with ease

Dynamic pricing

Adapt your prices (lunch, dinner, Study days, rooms etc…) and manage their availability in real-time for the MICE and groups

Not convinced yet?
Our customers testify

Reynald- Customer service representative Greet Hotel
it's a real time saver, I use the quotation part a lot, it's super great!
Reynald- Customer service representative Greet Hotel
Nathalie Receptionist in an Ibis Hotel
I couldn’t go back to the way we used to work!
Nathalie Receptionist in an Ibis Hotel
Sandrine- Event manager EDF
With the photos popping up at the right time I made more informed choices than I would over the phone with a salesrep.
Sandrine- Event manager EDF
Florian Veyrier- Hotel manager in Lyon
With Quotelo, even my receptionists can edit a complex seminar quotation!
Florian Veyrier- Hotel manager in Lyon
Philippe Director of a group of 12 hotel IN THE SOUTH OF France
I didn't think we were sending out so many quotations and our completion rate was so low.
Philippe Director of a group of 12 hotel IN THE SOUTH OF France
Ema Petit - Operations Manager at Campanile in Nancy
It's hyper practical, the whole team is delighted, I see a big gain in responsiveness!
Ema Petit - Operations Manager at Campanile in Nancy
Paul - Sales manager in a 5* hotel in La Défense
Quotelo saves me about 20% of my working time, which I now spend on welcoming my customers better.
Paul - Sales manager in a 5* hotel in La Défense
Lucas - Executive Assistant CapGemini
It was really nice to be guided in a fun and intuitive way rather than having a traditional form.
Lucas - Executive Assistant CapGemini

Simplified your sales process with Quotelo

  • Step #1

    Your customer express its demand on your website

  • Step #2

    You are now notified and are
    only left with the quotation control and send it in only 1 clic

  • Step #3

    Your customer can now electronically sign his quotation and pay the deposit online

You’ll be assisted by a customer service department

With Quotelo you’ll never be alone. A team of MICE and groups exepert will follow you daily in order to improve and facilitate your management and booking.

A clear, transparent and non-bliding price list

In order to fit better the seasonality of your activity and make Quotelo accessible for all, we offer an adapted tariffication:

41euros per month and 2.22% on your signed quotation only. We make money if you make money.

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